When planning your trip to Cuba, you’ll have several options when planning your accommodation in Cuba. Here are CubaCasa’s 5 reasons to choose to staying at a Casa Particular while travelling around Cuba.

1) Feel at home in a Casa Particular in Cuba

Staying in a casa particular in Havana, a casa particular in Varadero, a casa particular in Trinidad, a casa particular in Cienfuegos or a casa particular type of accommodation in other major Cuban cities you will be able to develop a genuine relationship with a Cuban family. Your casa particular owner will share the best of his culture with you make sure you feel at home while staying at the casa particular. English is spoken in most accommodation of our network in Cuba so communication should be easy. However, staying in a casa particular is also the best option to pick up some Spanish and discover the Cuban culture from the inside.

2) Get the most authentic accommodation in Cuba

If a casa particular in Cuba can be compared with what English speakers usually call a Bed & Breakfast anywhere else, it definitely is a the most authentic Cuban accommodation in Cuba that you will find. In Cuba, a casa particular can be recognized by a small sign on the door, with two blue triangles on a white background, and once you get in the casa particular, you will often be submerged with a colourful Cuban decoration that makes the charm of all casas particulares.

3) Staying in a casa particular in Cuba: Best value for money

The fee for a night in a casa particular in Cuba often varies between 20CUC and 60CUC, which makes this kind of accommodation much cheaper than a regular hotel (which often cost more than 100 CUC a night). Staying in a casa particular in Cuba you will then have the best of both worlds for a reasonable budget.

4) Get great tips from your casa particular owner

Your casa particular owner will have a deep local knowledge and will be more than happy to direct you towards the best activities in Havana, things to do in Varadero, or best cultural activities in Cuba in general to help you enjoy the most of the Cuban culture. He can also help you finding the best restaurants and bars if you are planning a night out in Havana or in other Cuban cities.

5) Eat delicious Cuban food

Talking about food, you should know that many casas particular also offer dinner to their guests. For a small extra fee, the owners will cook their own recipes of traditional Cuban dishes, which mainly relate to seafood, but are often also made with pork and chicken.