5 Top experiences in Cuba you shouldn’t miss

Cuba is a great destination to enjoy holidays. Being a tropical island, you will find here sun, beach and nature, depending on where you go. Havana offers to the tourist everything he might ask for, no matter the activity in mind: sun and beach, heritage, nature… It is also very easy to visit other destinations in Cuba from Havana, a round tour.

Find here what we believe are the top 5 experiences in Cuba you shouldn’t miss…

Top experiences in Cuba: Viñales inside

Viñales is where the best cigar tobacco in Cuba is grown. It offers
outdoor options, for hiking, visiting caves and the coffee and tobacco crops in
the area. The ‘mogotes’, a particular type of hill, distinguish the landscape
of this region. Declared a World Heritage Site, the Viñales Valley is also a
National Park.

The private houses where you can stay are a sample of the simplicity and great cordiality and friendly spirit of the people of Pinar del Río. Villa Fela y Marcelo is an example of this. From the rocking chairs of the porch of this casa particular you can also enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains at sunset.

Among the main places of interest that will also allow you to relax and
enjoy the peace and beauty of the region, are:

Viñales Valley: Ideal place for cycling, hiking and enjoying natural attractions. Among the main places to visit is the Cueva del Indio, with its underground river and the stalactites and stalagmites; the Mural of Prehistory, which includes a pictorial work on a vertical rock wall, open to the sky, 120 meters high and another 160 meters wide; as well as various farms where you can taste coffee and a good Cuban cigar while learning how both products are made.

Viewpoint Los Acuáticos: Located on the side of a mountain, from this site you can enjoy beautiful sunsets, together with natural juices made from the delicious tropical fruits of the region. The path to reach the viewpoint covers a distance of between 1 and 4 km, depending on the route taken. The tour can be done on foot or on horseback, either on your own or with the help of a guide.

Viewpoint in Viñales: top experiences in Cuba.
Viewpoint in Viñales: top experiences in Cuba.

The Indian Cave: It is an incredible cavern of about 300 meters in length that was inhabited more than five centuries ago by aborigines, whose cave drawings are preserved until today on its walls.  a part of the cave is only accessible by motorboats. The cave is covered in part with trails and in another it is changed to motorboats. The exit after the boat tour is approximately 150 m northeast of the entrance. Only one kilometre of the cave is open to travellers.

Viñales inside is a personalized and individual excursion (not shared with other tourists), consisting of a (round) tour in a classic American car through the Cueva del Indio, the Viñales Valley (Valley of Prehistory) and through tobacco crops in the region. It includes pick up and return to and from the accommodation and a guide if requested.

You might enjoy lunch in a tourist center in the area, although it is not included in the price of the excursion. It is recommended to wear summer clothes and comfortable shoes that allow you to walk and climb. If you visit Cuba during autumn and winter (October- March) you can wear a light sweater, depending on the weather.

Find here other details of the excursion and the way to book it.

Top experiences in Cuba: Skalando

Climbing is a sports practice that, in its classic modality, consists of climbing or going over rock walls, steep slopes or other natural reliefs characterized by their verticality, using almost all recoverable belay means, including artificial.

Climbing seeks the maximum difficulty of movements so it requires intense previous preparation. In climbing, the difficulty of a route is marked by the combination of several factors: the inclination of the wall, the size and shape of the grips, the distance between them, the resting points and the total number of movements.

Climbing in Havana with Skalando.
Warming up before climbing.

Cheer up! Experiment and add a new experience to your life alone or with
your friends. We offer you the opportunity to enjoy rock climbing and to know a
little bit of Cuba in an extreme way, by climbing in a green area in the middle
of the city of Havana. What better plan for your holiday on the island, than to
enjoy a good adrenaline experience.

Skalan2 in Havana is a young team that has more than 5 years of experience in sport climbing. With Skalando in Havana, you will live a shocking climb, with nothing to do with the typical climbs that are usually done in any artificial site created by man. With the adventure that is carried out, there is a lot of action where physical and mental limits are tested and self-confidence is experienced. When climbing in Havana, the blood of pure adrenaline is filled where an unforgettable experience is shared, destined for adventurous people. You will enjoy the integration of man with nature; a primitive activity with the security of the latest technology equipment.

The activity, Boulder Havana, is designed both for those who have never climbed and for the more experienced. The objective is that anyone interested in climbing in Cuba can do so on any visit to the island.

Climbing in Havana with Skalando.
Climbing in Havana with Skalando.

Before climbing, a preparation is made explaining the place, what will
be done and how the equipment should be used to guarantee safety. After this
first phase, a physical warm-up is carried out.

Then the instructors demonstrate how to climb and step by step, the client goes through the experience. On the rock, there are different ways to climb, always starting with the easiest, unless the client is a little more experienced and can demonstrate it before. In case that the customer is able to reach the easiest summit (12 meters high), it would be placed on roads or routes with higher degrees of difficulty.

In climbing, the degrees of difficulty are denoted by numbers and
letters 5a, 5b, 6c, 7a up to level 9. The wall being climbed has a level from
5a to 8a. To go up a level 5a it is not necessary to be in full physical shape,
you just have to trust yourself and not fear falling. You will always be
insured with equipment from the best climbing brands worldwide.

In the event that the client cannot continue climbing, he can let go without any fear, because he will be left hanging in the same place so he will not suffer from any blow since he will be secured with the “top rope” climbing system. The wall where the climbing is made is equipped with all the conditions to withstand 2 tons (2000 kilograms) of impact. You will enjoy the wonderful feeling of the ascent and descent.

Find here other details of the experience and the way to book it.

Top experiences in Cuba: Cuba Blue Diving

Diving in Cuba has become over the years one of the most attractive activities for tourism. New technological advances today allow greater comfort, safety and the ease of acquiring underwater skills much faster. Divers of all levels come to admire the marine fauna and ecosystems that include soft corals, underwater caves, shipwrecks that, together with unspoiled Caribbean beaches, Cuban islands and cays make it a perfect paradise for the lovers of the marine world. For beginners snorkelling, there are many possibilities to do this activity in crystal clear waters from the shore of Cuba.

Cuba is surrounded by the incredibly warm waters of the Atlantic to the north, the Caribbean Sea to the south, and the Gulf of Mexico to the west. With only two defined seasons, the dry season from November to April, and the rainy season from May to October, the air temperature oscillates between 26 ° C and 32 ° C during the year, while the water temperature varies from 24ºC in January to 28-30ºC in May.

Our waters lack strong currents and are characterized by their warmth
and great visibility, around 30 meters. The transparent waters offer perfect
visibility conditions to observe the almost intact reef barriers.

The island has an area of ​​1,250 km, 700 kilometers of coastline, 4,200
keys and islets and 200 bays. In addition, it has more than 1500 registered
marine species, 200 species of sponges, 50 types of corals and numerous banks
of endemic species.

That is why the priority of the Cuban state is the defense of its
coastline and its waters, so much so that great efforts are made to avoid
overfishing and pollution. Therefore, those who do not comply with the measures
and laws that protect the marine ecosystem are fined. Thanks to this protective
veil of the law, the coral gardens are in perfect condition and the marine life
follows a natural course.

The aquatic activities center “CUBA BLUE DIVING” offers the
best experiences for an unforgettable vacation. They have different adventures
in the Western region of Cuba, with diving being the main activity.

The best places to snorkel in Cuba with Cuba Blue Diving are in Jibacoa, Puerto Escondido, Playa Salado and Baracoa. In the Bay of Pigs, near Playa Girón, you can access many diving spots from the shore, and are among the most popular in Cuba, Caleta Buena, Punta Perdiz and Cueva Los Peces, which are natural wonders that surprise by their beauty and state of conservation.

The dive site of 1st and 16, in the capital of the country, is one of the most visited by Cuba Blue Diving customers. It has a shallow wall that starts at 6 meters and goes down to about 17 meters. In general, the visibility is around 20 meters and its temperature approaches an average of 28ºC. The diving is from the shore, there are no large animals but you can find a lot of small fauna and many tropical fish.

It is a simple, but very beautiful dive, ideal for those who want to
immerse themselves in the world of diving, because in such a shallow depth, you
can see beautiful fish, anemones, corals and a whole incredible world under the

Find here other details of the experience and the way to book it.


Top experiences in Cuba: Rutabikes

Havana is the capital of Cuba. You can find in it really interesting and
varied places, enough for the most different likes: heritage, culture, nature
and beaches. A bike tour is a perfect way to start off your trip and discover
Havana´s highlights and beauty in hidden spots and alleys. And you will do it
alone or with your family and friends.

Find now some of the most popular places you will meet in Havana.

Modern Havana: It includes the non-colonial side of the city, built up from the XVIII century. Vedado and Miramar are two of the best-known spots in the modern side of Havana, reason why some of their streets were part of the itinerary of the hop on- hop off bus system for tourists.

In Vedado and Miramar streets are cleaner and wider, there are plenty of plants and trees, but also a lot of parks, monuments and culture and historic places. Some of the most visited are:

    El Bosque (The Havana Forest)

    the Cemetery of Columbus

    the Revolution Square

    the John Lennon´s Park

    the Casa de la Amistad

    the Hamel´s Alley

    the National Hotel

Old Havana: It is the most touristic part of the city, mainly because of the colonial architecture. You can find there not only colonial houses, but fortresses and chattels that protected the city from the attacks of pirates and corsairs and still guard the entrance of the ships.

Rutabikes in Old Havana. Top experiences in Cuba.
Rutabikes in Old Havana. Top experiences in Cuba.

    Plaza Vieja

    Plaza San Francisco de Asís

    Plaza de Armas – Ambos Mundos Hotel

    Capitol of Havana

del Prado

    San Carlos de La Cabaña Castle

    San José craft Market and
Floating quay

See the Havana Cycling Classic tour, the Havana Bike Sunset tour, the
Zentrum tour and the Havana Bay tour.

The sea: Havana is bordered to the north by the waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. It is the wall of the Malecon that contains the entrance of the sea to the city, although during cyclones and cold fronts nothing stops the force of nature and the waters invade the lower part of the north coast of the capital.

The Malecon is a long wall that surrounds a part of the Havana coastline
and guards a wide seafront avenue. This famous 8 km long avenue is the place
where the Havana carnivals take place.

To the east of the city, also on the north coast, are the eastern
beaches. They are considered the best in the region, taking into account the
fine sand and the warm and transparent waters. Among the best-known beaches in
this area are Mar Azul, Santa María, Boca Ciega and Guanabo.

See the Havana Bike Sunset tour, the Havana Bay tour and the Countryside and beach tour.

Starting in 2013, Rutabikes is the 1st entrepreneurship operating
regular cycling tours and bike rentals in Cuba, expanding later to tailor-made
trips, excursions and bike maintenance. For them, guiding is not “just follow
me”. Their guides really know how to lead a tour, and capture your attention
with stories, anecdotes and the right dose of historical facts.

Each tour is authentic and unique. They require weeks of study and
cycling the route. There’s need to “stand in your shoes”, understand your needs
and combine this with our own tastes. Designing a tour is challenging, and they
love to do it! The result is fantastic: Interesting outdoor activities to show
Havana city and Cuba in a unique way.

It´s just cool! Cycling is a simple and original experience. You move to
the perfect speed: Slower than by car, faster than walking.

Details of the experiences

Havana Bike Classic is a family-friendly tour, ideal to initiate your holidays in Cuba. It will allow the visitors to get an overview of Havana city and an essential orientation in only half a day. It goes through the modern districts and finishes in the old town.

Towards the end of the Classic City tour, the sun gets strong. It is
recommended to bring light clothing, long sleeves, use sunscreen, sun glasses
and a hat (instead of a helmet, if you prefer it). There will be a few short
hills. Try them. Too hard? Don’t worry, you can walk. The guide will wait. At
the Plaza Vieja square, in the historical center, you will have 20 minutes for
a drink (not included in the price of the tour).

Large bags can be stored in the bike shop during the tour.

Itinerary Havana’s highlights:


    El Bosque

    Cemetery of Columbus

    Revolution Square

    Plaza Vieja

    Plaza San Francisco de Asís

    Colonial Castles


Rutabikes tour by Malecon.
Rutabikes tour by Malecon.

Havana Bike Sunset Tour is ideal if you want to do some fun outdoor activity, glimpse into Habaneros’ daily life and, at the same time, avoid the midday heat in the captivating city. During the tour, you will learn about national and local culture, popular stories and personalities of the time and will enjoy street art. There will be stops at places with interesting old stories, such as the Casa de la Amistad, a beautiful mansion that witnessed a passionate and tragic relationship. Back in the time, the story headed the newspapers. Today, concerts and cultural events take place there. John Lennon´s Park is also on the way. You will be amazed, not particularly with the statue of the “dreamer”, but with the contradictory story behind the piece of art. San Isidro is a neighbourhood in Old Havana setting trends about street art. We will admire some of its colorful graffiti. Meanwhile, you will hear about the lights and shadows of the neighbourhood: from famous popular musicians formed in its humble streets, to dark stories of a character named Alberto Yarini.

Besides that, the Havana Bike Sunset tour visits a big Crafts Fair, the Capitol of Havana, a floating quay by the bay, and finally la Casa de los Cocos, where we take a pause to drink fresh coconut water. Cycling Havana at twilight is a different perspective. Thanks to the bike, you will be an active spectator during rush hour. Don’t forget to take pictures during the pauses, especially at Malecon. At this hour, the light will be perfect.



    John Lennon´s Park

    Casa de la Amistad

    Revolution Square

    San Isidro neighbourhood (graffiti)

    San José craft Market and
Floating quay

    Plaza de Armas – Ambos Mundos Hotel

    Capitol of Havana

    Paseo del Prado

    San Salvador de La Punta Fort

    Malecón seawall

The Zentrum tour will allow you to scan the daily life of Cubans and learn about/connect
with their culture and traditions in the heart and soul of Havana: Centro

Centro Habana is synonymous with life, culture, traditions, music and religion. Along with Vedado and Old Havana municipalities, it forms the traditional City Center. It is multi-ethnic, highly populated, multicultural and very present in the Cuban history. Religion, traditions and folk customs are part of the essence of natives’ daily life in this area.

Rutabikes in Centro Habana.
Rutabikes in Centro Habana.

The Zentrum tour cycling starts with Cayo Hueso, one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city. Even today the origin of the name is not clear. One version of the story relates it to Key West in the United States. Plenty of Cuban cigar makers returned from exile in Tampa and Key West and settled down there. A second version, on the other hand, relates the name to an old cemetery that used to be inside its limits (Hueso means Bone).

Havana’s Chinatown will be also on this route, with its main alley, full of restaurants decorated with oriental and national ornaments. In the past, this was the largest settlement of Chinese immigrants in Latin America. In contrast to that, very few descendants live there today. Next, you will visit the Central Park, which is probably the most well-known part of the city. It is surrounded by several architectural icons of Havana City, such as the Capitol of Havana, recently renovated, the old and beautiful Great Theater of Havana, the National Museum of Fine Arts; the brand-new Hotel Manzana Kempinski and the first hotel of Havana, Hotel Inglaterra.

Opportunities to interact with locals will not be lacking. With this in mind, the Zentrum tour stops at places like an “Agro-market”, a puncture repair shop, and a cooperative of various small businesses. Understanding the Cuban domestic economy is a whole topic! How hard is it to start a business in Cuba? Reusing, repairing and reinventing. The Cuba creativity, true or myth? Before leaving this busy area, we will have a juice or a coffee, included in the price of the tour. Last but not least, we stop at the colourful Hamel’s Alley. In barely 200 meters long, art, tradition, religion, music and dance are mixed. The short walk, bike in hand, will reveal sculptures, installations, graffiti and evocative murals. We will hear of Afro-Cuban religious deities.



    Trillo Park and Cayo Hueso neighbourhood


    The Capitol and the Central

    The business area on Neptuno Street (Private cooperative)

    Paseo del Prado


    Espada Cemetery

    Hamel´s Alley

The Havana Bay Tour takes customers away from the bustle of Havana, to discover the small
authentic towns around the Bay of the city. This is the most challenging of the
Rutabikes bike city tours, with over 40 km and the presence of hills.
Therefore, it is meant to be for people who are used to cycle regularly.

This leisurely ride will take you from Vedado to the Bay of Havana, to
board a ferry to cross the bay. The small seafaring settlement of Casablanca will
be the first destination, with its quiet local atmosphere. A steep hill awaits visitors
to get to the iconic statue of the Christ of Havana. Up there, a beautiful view
of the skyline of Havana and the bay emerges. After that, you will visit the
Fortresses El Morro and San Carlos de La Cabaña, the biggest military fortress
built by the Spanish crown in America.

The route also includes the village of Guanabacoa, which used to be an Indian reservation back in the time and it is Today a National Monument, and the cradle of Santeria religion; a second viewpoint at the hill, Colina Lenin, from where you’ll have the most illustrative view of Havana and its dimension; the Catholic Church Nuestra Señora de la Virgen de Regla, “the Black Madonna”, a saint who protects the bay, the dock, and the bayside villages.



    Habana Vieja

Casa Blanca

    Havana’s Christ

    San Carlos de La Cabaña Castle

    Casa Blanca

    Bahía (small town)



    Ferry Habana Vieja


Rutabikes. Top experiences in Cuba.
Rutabikes. Top experiences in Cuba.

The Countryside and beach bike tour is a stimulating bike excursion for the complete day. With its 75 km, it combines fun, fitness, and especially adventure. Havana’s beaches are very popular among locals, being the most visited attraction during the summer holidays. The tour destination is Guanabo, the most distant beach in the east of the Havana littoral. Guanabo is a seaside town founded in the beginning of the 19th century. Its beaches are very attractive for tourists and locals.

Once in Guanabo, you will relax after the trip, leave the bike, drink cocktails, and have lunch. The guide will take care of the bikes and belongings and you can do nothing else than enjoy your time at this tropical beach. We recommend you to save energies for the return, at 4 pm, after spending quality time at the beach.

The return to the city is usually easier and peaceful. The wind is normally at the back, and it is possible to watch the sunset while traveling. A different path through minor roads will be taken, avoiding so the intense traffic. There will still be more curious coastal towns on the way: Alamar, a labyrinthine neighborhood with soviet- style buildings housing and Cojimar, a fishermen village, an inspiration place to the writer Ernest Hemingway for his novel “The old man and the sea”. The excursion ends, first with an astonishing city view at the Fortress El Morro, and second with another ferry travel to cross Havana Bay.


    Old Havana

    Ferry Regla


    Santa Fe

    Las Minas

    Los Arabos Campo Florido

    Guanabo (beach and lunch)



    Casa Blanca Ferry

The Tungasuk Farm bike tour takes a path to the west of Havana along the sea, crossing
towns such as Jaimanitas, Santa Fé, and Baracoa, until Tungasuk, an organic
farm in the pursuit of a more sustainable way of living.  It will be a culinary journey, where the bike
is simply the way. You will undoubtedly learn about sustainable agriculture and
you will also taste the results: A delicious menu prepared with an authentic

During the tour, you will get to know semi-rural communities that are barely in contact with travellers. Tungasuk farm is located in the municipality of Caimito and it is on top of a small hill, near an artificial lake, and about 800 meters away from the highway.

On the farm, visitors are awaited with water, coffee, and fresh juices made of collected fruits. The shade on the farm is abundant, so there will be where to rest after the trip. Later, the hosts gladly give a tour of the farm. Meanwhile, you will be able to listen to their incredible story. What brought them from Paris to this country? Why invest their lives and saves in the Farm Tungasuk? Also, how they apply their background traditions, together with the local knowledge, in order to improve the results of the products they grow. Swimming in the lake is also possible, as an extra activity for those who prefer it.

Finally, you will have a delicious lunch. Alfredo and Anabel, among many things, are excellent cooks. You will not taste something similar at all in Cuba. The combination of recipes from their countries with national ingredients results in an explosion of unique flavours. Anabel’s certification as Chef from the prestigious French institute Ferrandi, could also explain this. Tungasuk farm is definitely an excellent example of tenacity and passion that you will not forget.

Find here more details of these tours and the way to book them.

Top experiences in Cuba: Old and modern Havana (by car)

Another option to get an overview of Havana city is with a classic American car tour. This way you will combine this activity with the great experience of going around in a beautiful, luxurious, old but very well-preserved American car, the kind that was used in the 30s to 50s of the last 20th century.

Old American cars in Havana.
Old American cars in Havana.

Customers will enjoy a walking and a classic American car tour through
the city, covering the main streets of Old Havana and Vedado. Includes a visit
to the Historic Center Squares system, the Rum Museum, the Hamel Alley, the
Revolution Square and the John Lennon Park. The tour includes a visit to La
Casa del Artesano (the Craftsman’s House), an increasingly popular place in
Vedado, where you can buy souvenirs with typical Cuban themes. You will be attended
by the artisan himself and his wife, who live in the place and explain in
detail the how and why of each of their items.

Find here other details of the experience and the way to book it.

To sum up…

CubaCasa team wants Cuban customers to find the greatest satisfaction and to enjoy their stay in Cuba, with the greatest possible security. That is why we have thought about everything that allows us to make this wish a reality. In this way, in addition to booking your accommodation with us, you can choose and reserve transfers between destinations or any of the products and services previously described.

If there is any other option not
included in the above, do not hesitate to let us know. We will see how to help
you achieve it.

Note that we base our management on a collaborative
economy, so that, once on the island, you will not only have fun, relax, learn
about Cuban traditions and exercise body and mind, but you will also contribute
to the economic and social development of the small but diverse universe of the
private Cuban tourist sector that you will meet during your stay.

If you are interested in the idea of visiting Cuba,
check out our accommodation in various locations below:

Santa Clara

de Cuba


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To get your Cuban Tourist Card, even if you are coming
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