Since the appearance of the 1st case of coronavirus in March to date, Cuba has developed several ways to combat the pandemic. Each of them is linked to the stages defined for defeating the disease.

Last Wednesday, June 10th, the Government of Cuba announced the imminent implementation of the recovery stage. This happened finally on June 18th, except for Havana and Matanzas. The favorable results obtained in the last weeks were decisive in this decision. There have been periods of up to 11 days with no deaths from coronavirus; approximately 75% of the country’s provinces have remained free of the disease for more than 30 days, while the number of cases confirmed on the island remains below 10. Patients classified as severe or critical have remained between 1 and 3.

According to the President of the Republic of Cuba, Miguel Diaz Canel Bermudez, among the indicators that point to the control of the pandemic in Cuba we can find that “we return to the moment when… the actives events decrease and also the positive cases per day. “

The 1st stage for the recovery will have 3 phases, not only to return gradually and in an organized way to normality, but also to prevent the disease from becoming endemic. For this reason, some indicators were defined to be followed by the experts of Health. They will allow officials to evaluate the behavior of the disease, avoid a new outbreak and develop at the same time the ability to face them, in case they happen.

Measures to be taken during the recovery stage.

The plan of measures to be implemented includes several sectors such as Health, Tourism, Transport, Education, Sport and Culture and Internal and Foreign Trade. In every scenario, during the 1st phase, the use of nasobucos or facemasks in public spaces is mandatory, as well as the disinfection of hands and surfaces.

Measures to be introduced afterwards

Outdoor sporting activities will be allowed, carrying the nasobuco for when it’s needed. In the case of gymnasiums, restaurants, sea water pools and urban buses, the access to these services will be limited, between 30 and 50%. Air-conditioning will not be used in order to avoid possibly spreading the virus.

Cinemas, theatres, nightclubs and freshwater pools will remain closed in the 1st phase. Workplaces and educational and health centres will reopen but with restrictions.

Recovery of Tourism in Cuba after coronavirus.

As officially announced on the island, international tourism will be only restarted in the 3rd phase of the recovery. While the first phase will only revive tourism for nationals, in the 2nd stage only the installations of the north and south cays of the archipelago will reopen for foreign visitors.

Cayo Guillermo, in Cuba, is one of the most beautiful places to enjoy the sun and nature of the Island.

Without activities that involve the contact with the main island, these visitors will be able to enjoy, in addition to the resort facilities, of different and attractive nautical options. As for the lease of cars, it will be possible to do it from the second phase, but equally for its use in the aforementioned cayos.

The borders will remain closed at the 1st stage and in the 2nd the country will be entered, in the case of foreign tourists, only through the airports that allow direct access to the cayos. Anyway, the PCR will be applied and the temperature will be measured. One piece luggage per visitor is also stipulated. Subsequently that could be increased to 2.

Private houses for rent in Cuba: when will they reopen?

Although there will be no international tourism until the 3rd phase of the recovery, private houses for rent will be able to restart their operations in the second phase. Many of these casas particulares owners in Cuba have been preparing for this moment. However, given the lack of income in recent months, they might have difficulty in reopening their businesses or could completely fail to do so.

From the tax point of view, in the Plan of Measures approved it is foreseen to maintain in the first phase the facilities and extensions of payments granted from the beginning. The restoration of normality in this matter will be carried out according to the possibilities of each owner.

Casa Vieja is one if the best casas particulares where you can stay in Havana.

Anyway, those rental houses that are reopened, will be ready for a high season with a reasonable number of visitors. Always maintaining, of course, all the obligatory hygienic measures.

Through CubaCasa you will not only be able to book the house of your choice to stay in Cuba, but you can also access other services of interest.

Right now all we can do is wait… Within 2 weeks we will probably have a better idea of when we can return to “new normality”, as many call it today.