Cuba in April

Casa particular in Cienfuegos

By Mayté Solano Gómez

Cuba in April is beautiful, mainly because of the weather. But is also an important moment in Cuba, when we celebrate the first defeat of Yankee imperialism in the Americas, after the invasion of Playa Girón by mercenaries trained by US advisers.

Let’s find what will charm you if you visit Cuba in April, the month of the Victory over Yankee imperialism.

Victory of Playa Girón
In April Cubans celebrate the Victory of Playa Girón.

Weather in April

April is one of those months in Cuba that justify the idea of the island as an eternal summer. With very little rain, during the day the sun usually shines and the temperature is really nice. At night it is possible to enjoy clear skies and cool air.

Temperatures in Cuba in April are between 19-21 ° C / 66-69 ° F and the relative humidity is still quite low, very helpful if you don’t want to sweat too much. However, we cannot be trusted. Some days the maximum temperature may reach up to 34 ° C / 93 ° F and more, although without being unpleasant.

April the average sea temperature rises to 27°C (81°F), which is perfect
for swimming and water activities.

Events in April

April is a month of culture and history in Cuba. Like in other months, Culture Week takes place in some provinces and municipalities, but in Havana, many cultural events also occur.

Culture Weeks


Artemisa is one of the youngest cities in Cuba, founded in 2011. It is surrounded by an extensive agricultural area, which allows it to produce food to satisfy its demand and support the nearby capital of the island. Also, it has a prospective site for high industrial port development, such as Mariel.

Artemisa Culture Week takes place usually at the same time that the Book Fair in the province. Dedicated to the city’s Patron Saint, San Marcos the Evangelist, the festival had its beginnings in the first half of the 19th century. A mass was held, and there was 500 meters long procession followed by a popular festival with music, food, and games. Today, there are craft fairs, and more music and food.


This city, a World Heritage site, presents during Culture Week the best of theatre, music, crafts, and literature. Painting contests and conferences are also held. The event is conceived to promote the work of creators and artists, reaffirm our cultural roots, and promote the knowledge of the population of their history in the presence of some local personalities.

The events begin usually with a parade and take place in the usual galleries, bookstores and museums, the Martí Park and the House of Culture, among others. During this week the streets in the city are crowded and you can attend evening popular and traditional Cuban music performances. You can buy Cuban food and drink everywhere, all day long. Matching sometimes the week of school break, there are many activities for children.

in Havana

In April, you can enjoy the International Meeting of Ballet Academies, with the participation of numerous specialists, teachers, dancers, and ballet lovers in general.

In the Great Havana Theater and the National
Theater of Cuba takes place LA HUELLA DE ESPAÑA Festival, which includes dance,
music, plastic arts, literature, theatre, conferences and cinema. It shows the
Spanish roots present in Cuban culture, as well as the cultural life and
customs of the provinces and communities of Spain.

Finally, the International Dance Festival in
Urban Landscapes is set in the streets, squares and museums of Old Havana.
Sponsored by Danza Retazos, it presents choreographies, parades and spontaneous

International Dance Festival in Urban Landscapes. Cuba in April
International Dance Festival in Urban Landscapes


In Holguín, one of the easternmost provinces of Cuba, in April the ‘Gibara International Film Festival’ takes place, founded by Cuban filmmaker Humberto Solás. Previously known as the International Poor Film Festival, is one of the most important events not only in the region but throughout the country.

Intended for the general
public and lasting a week, it is a showcase for alternative cinema. It is an
ideal opportunity for dialogue between filmmakers, technicians and audiovisual
specialists, musicians, film and art students, designers and photographers from
Cuba and the world.

On the other hand, in April the Holy Week ends. In Cuba, Good Friday is a holiday.

to Do & See in Cuba in April

The weather in Cuba in April is warm enough to enjoy it. So then, a good option, if you travel to Cuba this month, is to stay in a casa particular near the beach. Some destinations such as Varadero and Cienfuegos are ideal for it. There you will take a daily swim on the beach but it will be possible to snorkel, dive, fish, sail and also relax with the calm and the beauty of the place.

But if you are more of the sporty type or like outdoor activities, visiting Cuba in April is also a good decision. In this case, Viñales and Trinidad are the best destinations. Both declared Human Heritage sites, they offer to the most intrepid lovers of emotion a canopy tour (zip line). In Viñales Valley you can do trekking or walking, horseriding or climbing. There are underground rivers and also viewpoints. In Trinidad, in the Great National Park Topes de Collantes, the waterfalls and the walking trails are highlights. 

Finally, for a culture and heritage trip,
nothing like staying 3 or 4 days in Havana. The options are really varied.

Circuit for April

West tour for cultural enrichment: Havana- Varadero- Cienfuegos

Havana, the capital of Cuba, has many places where you can learn about Cuban culture and history. Starting with the Old Havana historic center, a Human Heritage of the World site, where you will find everything from museums and a Dark Chamber to palaces and military fortresses.

Among the museums are the ones dedicated to Cuban Rhum, Cuban Revolutionary History, Fine Arts and Natural Science. On both sides of the bay, the Morro- Cabaña fortresses and the plazas show up the colonial architecture.

It is mainly all around the Old Havana historic center that the International Dance Festival in Urban Landscapes takes place. So you might enjoy a dance performance in the brewery at the Plaza Vieja or while you walk through Obispo Street, the most important in this municipality.

Varadero, one of the most famous sun and beach destinations in the world, offers tourist white sand, blue transparent waters and hotels and other facilities. But been in Cuba in April, the month of Victory, you can’t miss visiting Playa Girón, such an important place in Cuban history.

If you stay in a casa particular in Varadero, you will enjoy not only the beautiful beaches and practicing nautic sports but from there you can also arrange excursions to Bahía de Cochinos (Pigs Bay) and learn about what happened there, during the American invasion.

On the western shore of the bay, there are coral reefs bordering the Zapata swamp, where you can also practice diving, snorkelling or fishing. On the eastern side, there are long beaches with mangroves and swampy areas located inland. So this is a great choice for meeting Cuban nature.

To end this circuit Cienfuegos, the
Pearl of Cuba, is a city founded by the French in the 19th century, under the
Spanish crown. It has one of the best-preserved historical centres on the American

You will find in Cienfuegos a Malecón to walk around, meet Cubans and see sunsets. In the Sierra del Escambray mountain range there is the highest elevation in the west of the country, the San Juan peak, and the Martín Infierno cave, which has the largest stalagmite in Cuba and America, 50 meters high and 30 in diameter.

Casa particular Casa Luminicos, in Cienfuegos
From the terrace of Casa Luminicos, in Cienfuegos, you have a nice view of the city.

Similarly, Cienfuegos is a city with a long tradition of nautical sports. In the territory, there are coral formations and abundant sponges and gorgonians. It is possible to receive introductory diving courses and enjoy exploring reefs and wrecks of sunken ships, organized from the Faro Luna, Guajimico and Whale Shark diving centres.

in April in Summary

So… Travelling to Cuba in
April means nice weather and enjoying the sun, beautiful beaches and Cuban

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