By Mayté Solano Gómez

June is part of the low season for tourism in Cuba and it marks also the beginning of the hurricane season. But there is nothing perfect in this world, so visiting Cuba in June is not such a bad idea.

Let’s find what will charm you if you visit Cuba in June.

Cuba Weather in June

In June, temperatures in Cuba exceed 33 ° C / 91 ° F, while relative humidity is the highest of the year. June is one of the hottest months in Cuba, even in the early morning hours, when temperatures decrease a little, although it doesn’t really become cool.

June is the first wet summer month, although rains are not that frequent. It is more important to know that it marks the beginning of the hurricane season on the island, although they only very rarely strike Cuba so early.

Also, considering how important protecting human life is for Cuba, you will be safe during a hurricane. It can even be an exciting experience, always complying with the measures defined by the Civil Defense authorities.

Cuba Events in June

Culture week in Santiago de Cuba

This is an event in which professional and amateur creative artists celebrate local culture, through different shows and performances. It also serves as a preamble to the celebrations for the anniversary of the founding of the city, every July.

There is no shortage of traditional activities these days, such as the El Caney Fruit Festival and competitions such as the Masks on Foot and the Chinese cornet playing. You will also enjoy popular drinks and foods.

The central Plaza de Marte is one of the main spaces where the population gathers to enjoy concerts and cultural galas.

Other events and celebrations

To start, you can celebrate the International Day of Childhood, the 1st of June. In Cuba, children are highly valued. It is common on this day to find parties and children’ competitions in some neighbourhoods. Social and mainstream media all talk about the date and its relevance in Cuba.

International Day of Childhood. Cuba in June 2021
 The group Beyond Roots Cuba posted on Facebook a contest for Cuban children, to promote the International Day of Childhood 2021.

The Boleros de Oro Festival or International Golden Bolero Festival, also in Cuba in June, is dedicated to this musical genre. It takes place in halls, cultural centres and theatres in Havana. It includes conferences, galas, concerts and dance events.

Another celebration in Cuba in June is Fathers’ Day, the 3rd Sunday of the month. Family and friends gather to enjoy a delicious traditional dinner, drinking and sharing happy memories.

What to Do & See in Cuba in June

June is part of the low tourist seasons in Cuba. Therefore, you will probably find the same experiences and activities as usual but fewer people. So, it is a good month to do whatever you prefer for tourism: nature and ecotourism, beaches, cities and heritage, adventure, luxury or relaxation. You can expect also lower prices for services.

If you prefer cultural venues, you can visit the air-conditioned art galleries and museums or profit from the still fresh air of the early morning to explore the city or take a tour in a convertible classic American car, if you are in Havana. Use the same model in other major cities such as Cienfuegos or Camaguey.

Another option is ocean activities. Sportfishing, also known as big-game fishing or offshore game fishing, is very widespread in Cuba, and gives you the opportunity to catch species of all kinds, such as sawfish, lobsters, crabs, sailfish and tuna, among many others.

Sportfishing in maritime waters for tourists in Cuba is mainly organized by Marlin Marine,  which offers customers a wide and varied range of services. It is possible to find Marlin Marine throughout the island. Among the main options they offer are diving, sport fishing, excursions and walks, life on board, beach activities, adventure and safe harbours.

But in Cuba, the practice of sport-recreational fishing is possible not only in coastal waters but also in rivers, reservoirs and dams. Concerning these last options, the inhabitants of the island will help you to find the most suitable places and they will even enjoy this moment with you.

Almost every year in Cuba in June, the International Fishing Tournament of the Marlin “Ernest Hemingway” takes place, always an intense and enjoyable experience.

In Viñales and in Topes de Collantes, in Trinidad, hiking and walking through the mountains can be good exercise, considering that the temperature in these places is cooler. Horseback riding, photography, touring caves and underground rivers and swimming in water pools at the top of waterfalls are also possible.

Cuba in June in Summary

Despite the heat and rain, travel to Cuba in June is not a bad decision. We only recommend you plan your days accordingly: city tours in the early morning, during mid-day visits to air-conditioned or breezy places, and evening out on the town when the late afternoon storms have cooled things down.

Lodging rates plummet in June, car rentals are easier to come by, as well as restaurants and accommodation bookings, all this without elbowing your way through a crowd.

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