It looks like at Cuba Casa we’re not the only Cuba travel specialist who has been getting increasingly busy since the start of 2019 with a growing interest in our varied array of casas particulares in Cuba (when it comes to finding a casa particular in Havana, our selection is huge!) as according to recently released official figures, the island has already welcomed its first million of holidaymakers this year.

Tourists climb into horse carts for a ride along Old Havana, with its many colonial buildings, some of which have been beautifully transformed into hotels or "casas particulares" (Cuban B&Bs)
Tourists climb into horse carts for a ride along Old Havana and the historic centre

On Sunday, Cuba’s Minister of Tourism (MINTUR), Manuel Marrero Cruz, proudly announced to the world via his Twitter account that Cuba had reached the one million arrivals figure, five days earlier than during the same period last year. It all bodes well for the island reaching its five million foreign visitors target before the end of the year, especially when 2019 marks Havana’s 500th anniversary, a milestone birthday that the city is getting ready to celebrate in style.

Marrero Cruz’s Tweet on Sunday loosely translated as follows:

“Today we reached one million international visitors, 5 days earlier than in 2018. Tomorrow at the MINTUR Assembly we’ll ratify our commitment to exceed the 5 million [tourists] target, convinced of tourism’s contribution to the economy and the consolidation of Cuba as a peaceful, healthy and safe destination”

Hosts at casas particulares all over Cuba welcomed the news of this tourism boom and hope the year will continue on a high note in terms of foreign visitor arrivals. Needless to say, us at Cuba Casa are also hyped by the news and will love to send more clients to our varied, sometimes quirky, others elegant, often vintage and almost always colourful accommodation in Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Trinidad, Cienfuegos, Baracoa, Vinales, Santa Clara, Camaguey and yes, even Varadero! The fact that Cuba’s most famous beach resort is littered by all-inclusive hotels doesn’t mean there aren’t amazing casas particulares to stay at, including some directly facing the beach, like our fantabulous Casa Menocal, a luxury beach house (well more like a 1950s mansion) where you’ll be wanting from nothing and enjoying a superior away from resort crowds and

Getting back to our main piece of news today, all of Cuba welcomes the surge in holidaymakers in the first two months of 2019, especially entrepreneurs and private business owners like the hosts at our casas particulares who are excited about welcoming a larger influx of guests and are bracing themselves for what seems destined to be an amazing year for tourism islandwide!

Despite recent rollbacks in U.S. Cuba travel regulations as imposed by Trump’s administration, Cuba’s tourism industry is back on track and attracting more visitors than ever. At this rate, it looks like the island will be smashing its previous annual record and reaching the coveted (and projected) five million tourists target to celebrate its 500th anniversary with a new milestone. With a recently approved new constitution and a big celebration in the pipeline, here at Cuba Casa, we can’t wait to see what this new year will bring to beautiful Havana. If you feel the same, why not check out a casa particular in Havana, we’ve got quite a varied selection!