Casa particular lovers, future guests and anyone looking to enjoy a Cuba holiday this winter, read on! Havana’s hottest nightlife venue has just announced its winter programme and it’s jam-packed with a variety of performances, from music concerts to dance pieces, theatre shows, art exhibitions and everything in between!

View of an iconic cinema in Vedado - Yara cinema
Havana gets ready for its annual Festival of New Latin American cinema in December – in the picture Vedado’s Yara cinema in the background

Whether or not you’ve already got a Cuba holiday planned or you’ve set your eyes on a particular casa particular in Havana, winter will indeed be a great time to be in Cuba and proof of it is the jam-packed programme of the Cuban capital’s hippest night club/theatre /art gallery/events hall /bar/restaurant. It does it all! The all-in-one, multi-purpose

Fabrica de Arte Cubano, which translates as Cuban Art Factory and which is most commonly known by its initials, FAC, has just unveiled its winter 2019 programme, including the very first edition of FAC Awards and the debut of award-winning pieces – from dance numbers to theatre shows.

Room with a view in a casa particular in Havana's Vedado neighbourhood
Room with a view in a casa particular in Havana’s Vedado neighbourhood

It all kicked off yesterday, 3 October, giving way to the opening of FAC’s winter programme to wrap up 2019 in style. And it’s not all about music, dancing and art, as the special performances will also include presentations done in collaboration with the Festival Internacional de Teatro de La Habana, which takes place simultaneously, as well as special cinema screenings in partnership with the International Festival of the New Latin American Cinema (a.k.a. Habana Film Festival) coming up next December. Those planning a stay in a casa particular in Havana next month, have a lot to look forward to, especially if they plan to stay close to the Vedado area, where FAC is at.

Among the acts lined up, we can highlight one-off concerts with Cuca Roseta from Portugal, Cuban jazzist Roberto Fonseca, who on this occasion will debut tracks from his new album, Yesun. But that´s not all. There will also be special acts to commemorate Havana’s 500th anniversary on 16th November, like the Habana 500 exhibit, a selection of posters, graphics and audiovisuals documenting six neighbourhoods of the Cuban capital.

For this new winter season, FAC will adjust its opening hours in order to be more sustainable and save energy. The

Casa particular in Havana - balcony view overlooking the city and the sea
Another casa particular in Havana’s Vedado district, home to FAC

former oil factory now converted into a hip multipurpose building with wide-open spaces will also be launching FACMusic, a trademark under which it recently released its first single, Inside, as part of the X Alfonso’s new and exciting music project. A side note here, X Alfonso is the Cuban musician behind FAC, its founder and general director.

As you can see, after being closed off during the summer months, FAC reopens with a big bang and a lot of novelties, including the launch of its own “walk of fame” or rather “walk of stars” (Paseo de las Estrellas), an initiative that will fill the venue with the names of Cuban celebrities in the world of music and the fine arts.

If you can’t wait to be in Cuba now, or more specifically in FAC, taking a look at our array of beautiful casas particulares in Havana might be the final push you need to book those tickets and jet off to Cuban tropical paradise (music, arts and fun included!).

And if you want to know what awaits in FAC’s colourful calendar we give you here an exclusive preview of its winter programme. So, do start browsing to find your casa particular in Havana now and then come back and read the full schedule of events at FAC to pick the best time to come to Cuba this winter 2019!




What’s on at FAC Gallery (GALERÍA FAC)

October/December 2019

  • Exhibition “Pintar con la certeza de que vendrás” (Painting with the certainty that you’ll come) Description: A collective presentation of the work of 16 young Cuban artists, some of whom showcase their pieces for the first time in FAC
  • “Metáfora de la Imaginación”: A special performance from Cuban artist Yank Benavente Quintana
  • Exhibit by Italian photographer Francesco Meliciani. On at the Sala Santiago Feliú hall.
  • Launch of a personal exhibit by U.S. photographer, Cynthia Carris Alonso and presentation of her book “A taste of Cuba”.
  • November: presentation of the new magazine, Revista Tablas, and launch of a new exhibition of posters from the Cuban theatre by artist and designer, Omar Batista, as part of the official programme of Havana’s Theatre Festival (Festival de Teatro de La Habana).
  • December: Presentations from Pakistani artists Abdullah and Qureshi and New York artist, Laine Rettmer.


What’s on at FOTOFAC

October/December 2019

  • Symposium: “El espejo de Narciso” (Narcisus’ Mirror). A dialogue between the arts and psychoanalysis.



October/December 2019

  • October – Exhibition at Salón de los Artistas, “Fotografías sobre artistas de la música cubana”(Photographs of Cuban musicians) by HåKan from Sweden. Part of Swedish Culture Week in Havana.
  • «Vida & Tim’s Cars», by artists Lídice González y Yamel Santana (Yams)
  • November – Special exhbition “Noviembre Fotográfico” (Photographic November) with works by artists Oscar Gartin and Jen G. Rosenkrantz, from their collections “Obra” and “Bridges not walls”, respectively.
  • Graffiti artist Yulier P takes over the exterior walls of FAC’s Nave 4.
  • December – Photography exhibition documenting the Eyeife Festival .


Designer’s work (DISEÑO DE AUTOR)

October/December 2019

  • Launch of collective exhibition “Tela por dónde cortar”. Artists involved: Café Color, Capicúa, Dador, El Encanto, Marié, Wasasa.
  • Background to the “Tela por dónde cortar” project: Through manual work, experimentation and knowledge, these projects have one outcome in common: the creation of clothes and accessories. In today’s Havana, this group of young entrepreneurs understands how to cover the human body using it as a support structure. They transform the idea of basic patterns in their creations with a singular perspective.
  • Workshop “Sistema Ana Betancourt”
  • Awards gala to hand out prizes to the winners of the “Tela por dónde cortar” competition



October/December 2019

  • Graffity exhibit by Ola Kalnins (Sweden)
  • November: Launch of the special anniversary exhibition, Habana 500. A showcase of posters, documents, and a variety of graphic and audiovisual materials to narrate the story of six Havana neighbourhoods (including some of the most popular locations to find a casa particular in Havana). A curated exhibition by Jorge Ayala with the participation of a variety of Cuban graphic designers, among them: Samopeza, Michelle M. Hollands, Giselle Monzón, Edel Rodríguez (Mola), Raúl Valdés (Raupa) y Nelson Ponce.



October/December 2019

On at Nave 3 this October (6th,13th, 20th y 27th) at 9:30 pm

  • Show: La verdadera historia del arte (Entrenamiento para un hombre que resiste) – Art’s true history (the training of a resilient man). Scripted and directed by Agnieska Hernández. The winning piece at FAC’s first drama contest, under the initial title: Origami (Portrait of a teen artist).