Q: How can I contact you directly, I want to speak to someone!

A: Please call Mayté, our general-manager in Cuba, she speaks English, French and Spanish: tel:53 53960398.

Q: I have heard that there are a lot of illegal Casas Particulares in Cuba, are all of yours legal?

A: Yes, all of our Casas Particulares are legal. We have visited them all personally and checked that they have a valid license number.

Q: Can I change my booking?

A: Sure, as long as you’re giving us enough time to help organise things and possibly find replacement customers for the casa particular. We understand that things change so we will do our best to make things work well for everyone!

Q: Can I cancel my booking?

A: Yes, please send us an email and we will inform the casa for you! If you cancel your booking at least 30 days before your check-in date we will reimburse the advance-payment part of your booking, but the 10% booking fee is non-reimbursable as it covers our operational costs. If you just need to reschedule your stay for a later date, we will happily carry over your advance payment for your rescheduled booking so that you do not have to pay it again (again, the 10% booking fee is not carried over so you will have to pay that again to cover our operational costs). In this case just let us know you would like to postpone rather than cancel: mayte@cubacasa.co.uk.

Q: I am disabled and cannot get up stairs, do casas have lifts if they are not on the ground floor?

A: Generally our casas are in colonial buildings and do not have lifts. We have selected several ground floor casas and some modern tower-blocks have lifts. This is indicated on each casa’s dedicated page.

Q: I am allergic to cats, how do I know if a casa has pets?

A: Cuba is a tropical island with a large variety of domestic animals, we have indicated the presence of pets on the dedicated casa page.

Q: We are travelling in a large group, can any of your casas accommodate us?

A: Yes, some of our casas have quite a large number of rooms so can accommodate groups, otherwise we’ll help you book rooms in casas that are close to each other. If you have a big group, it’s probably best to write to our general manager Mayte so she can help you organise things: web@cubacasa.co.uk. Otherwise call her: 00 53 5 396 0398.

Q: I have booked an airport pick-up, how will I recognise it at the airport?

A: The driver will be waiting for you with a sign that has your name on it. He/she will be waiting for you after immigration and luggage collection.

Q: What do I do if my taxi does not show up?

A: Please call our general manager in Cuba, Mayte, and she will help to resolve the issue asap. Her number will be in your confirmation emails. It is: 00 53 5 396 0398 , and from Havana airport it is: 05396 0398.

Q: Can I pay the casas in Euros/Dollars/Sterling?

A: Yes, the Casa owners prefer to receive payment in a currency other than CUP, since CUC is no longer an official currency in Cuba.

Q: How many people can lodge in one room?

A: Prices are shown for 2 people, but if the room can fit more people you can have more people staying in it if you pay a supplement; generally an extra 50% per extra adult and an extra smaller amount per child (ie: someone under the age of 15).

Q: Is there any way we can be in touch with CubaCasa while in Cuba?

A: Yes, you can email us or call us and we’ll be in touch asap. In the confirmation email we will provide you with all the contact details needed. To call our general manager in Havana, Mayte, please call this number: 05396 0398. This is a Cuban mobile number.

A piece of advice: Cubans use WhatsApp (including Mayte, the General Manager) to communicate more economically. Install it on your phone before coming. It will be very helpful during your stay in Cuba.

Q: Can I pay for the totality of the booking online?

A: No, we only take an advance payment for the casa and a 10% booking fee to cover our operating costs, and you pay the remainder directly to the casa. The confirmation email will make it clear how much you need to pay the casa directly.

Q: Am I allowed to have guests in the casa?

A: Each casa has it’s own rules so it is best to ask upon arrival. Most casas are happy to allow Cuban guests but will require an official identification document and will take down the guest’s details. All casas are against sex-tourism, as are we at CubaCasa.

Q: Do casa owners speak English/ French/German/Italian?

A: It depends. A lot of casa owners are quite well educated and have a grasp of foreign languages. In general this has been specified on the dedicated casa page.

Q: Do casas accept pets?

A: Generally not.

Q: Is it possible to smoke in casas?

A: Smoking is prohibited in rooms but there is always a terrace, balcony or living room where you can smoke.

Q: I have specific dietary requirements (vegetarian, halal, kosher, etc.), do casas cater for this?

A: Yes, casas are very flexible and will happily prepare the food you require. Please email our General Manager in Cuba, web@cubacasa.co.uk, and she will let the casa know.

Q: Do casas provide lunch and dinner?

A: It depends on the situation in Cuba. Sometimes it is quite dificicult to get the supplies. Dinner is often offered but lunch less often. Ask upon arrival.

Q: Do casas have private parking?

A: Some casas have private parking and all have parking facilities very close by.

Q: How can I make a complaint?

A: Please send an email to Matthew: solano.akemy@web.de. Please detail exactly what happened, where and when. We are eager to maintain quality of service so appreciate your custom and contact. When we receive a complaint we will investigate, take necessary measures and let you know what we have done to address your complaint.

Q: What is a jinetero?

A: A jinetero is basically a scam-artist who will try to deviate you to another casa, in order to get a commission from the casa they send you to.

Q: How do we avoid being scammed by jineteros?

A: Our system is made to avoid this – we generally provide a picture of the owners of the casa, a map location and all contact details, and we then re-confirm with both you and the casa owners before your arrival.