If you want to truly soak in Cuba’s contemporary art scene, there is only one place to be this month and you’ve got until 12th May to get there! Havana’s biannual citywide celebration of art is on and in full swing with galleries, public spaces, entire streets and street walls being taken over by the most original art explosions! Of course, the best place to be based to enjoy all the art action is a casa particular in Havana – and we’ve got plenty of them, take a peek!

Graffiti by artist Suso 33 adorning the wall of a building during Havana Biennial 2019
Graffiti by artist Suso 33 adorning the wall of a building during Havana Biennial 2019

Considered the biggest visual art event in all of Cuba, Havana’s Biennial 2019 (Bienal de La Habana 2019) is now in full swing as fascinated visitors from the world over admire the surrounded arts that takes over galleries and spills out into the city in the form of gigantic art installations adorning streets, walkways and outdoor spaces.

Virtually every gallery in Havana participates in this biannual event, hosting special exhibitions by Cuban and international artists, giving art enthusiasts virtually endless possibilities and making many have to choose which ones to enjoy, especially if their Cuba holiday are short. Many also choose to stay in a Havana casa particular to get special tips from the host and better connect with the culture by staying in a real Cuban house – many of which are very artful indeed.

Art exhibit in Havana's Malecon by David Magan, Havana Biennial 2019
Art exhibit in Havana’s Malecon by Spanish artist David Magan

As we told you in an earlier blog piece, the theme this year is “La Construccion de lo Possible” (Constructing the Possible) and to that end, a variety of art pieces have been created and exhibited in over 30 different galleries and public spaces in Havana and beyond.

And, as we were also saying, it’s not just Cuban artists who populate the streets with art installations, as artists from all around the world come to Havana to exhibit their contribution, as is the case with Spanish artist Suso 33, whose graffiti takes over a gigantic building facing the Malecon – where, by the way, a lot of the art is concentrated . With 300 creators from 52 different nations, a wide variety of styles is guaranteed in a melting pot of art where many cultures converge and mix.

Just by strolling along the Malecon you’ll get instantly flooded by art in virtually every form and every size, and as the video above shows, there are many installations inviting you to stop and ponder on its meaning before taking your smartphone or camera out and inevitably immortalising the moment.

And although the Cuban capital is certainly the centre stage of all the art action this month, it’s not the only city taking part in this huge festivity. Joining this year’s Havana Biennial are Pinar del Rio, Matanzas, Cienfuegos and Camaguey as authorities said that for an island with over 12,000 talented artists, reducing art to the capital was far too restrictive. As it happens, we’ve not only got great accommodation in Havana but in all the above-mentioned cities too. Check out the many possibilities on where to stay and which casa particular to choose for a memorable Havana Biennial art experience this year.