The search for a perfect holiday getaway is never easy, especially if your heart desires to be on the secluded paradise where the elements of earth embrace each other without any boundaries & limitations. Even if you find a perfect travel itinerary, finding accommodation in exotic locations like the Caribbean Islands often causes a wrinkle in your plan. This is where CubaCasa offers ease and peace of mind with its online booking services that provide reliable accommodation and an airport pick-up/drop-off service. To make it easier enjoy the sweet sea, sun and sounds of the Caribbean and Cuba in particular, many travel agencies and experts provide online packages that include transport, accommodation and meals – basically all-inclusive packages. CubaCasa focuses on helping more independent minded travelers who want a rich cultural exchange, by making it easier to rental casa particular in Cuba, and also independent flat accommodation in Cuba.

A casa particular is the equivalent of a bed and breakfast where the owners of the casa host guests and travellers. The casa particular accommodation in Cuba often has a glorious roof terrace or nice balconies where people relax and have meals. To rent a casa particular in Cuba you can search online for the most reliable and trust worthy booking services to make your reservation, something which will often lead you to our website; Whether you want a party fuelled trip with your buddies, quiet romantic getaway or want a solo expedition, the casas or accommodation venues have single, double, and deluxe bedroom packages. Renting casas particulares in Cuba is the best way to get the most out of the beautiful island; the owners and staff are extremely warm and friendly, the food is often better than in most restaurants, there is antique décor, the bedding is comfortable, the premises are clean, they are generally well located close to things of interest.

The best thing about renting a casa particular in Cuba is that the accommodation comes at an amazingly good price for what you get, whichever level you go for – standard to premium.The quality and service will be much higher than what you would get if you paid the same in a hotel; a premium casa generally costs the same as a standard hotel, but comes with the standard of a premium hotel! The French colonial architecture and Spanish the med housing décor and design of the casas particulares blend beautifully with the canvas-perfect shades of the sky, white sand, omnipresent coast and glorious beaches. You can find and rent a casa particular in Havana, Trinidad, Vinales, Trinidad and all across Cuba. To overcome the basic communication hurdle created by the language barrier, companies like CubaCasa act as a bridge that makes all the logistics easy for guests and casa particular owners in Cuba, regardless of the language they speak – all our staff speak English and Spanish, and we also speak French. Payment of a deposit is made online through the Skrill system, which is like PayPal and accepts all major credit cards like VISA, MasterCard and Amex. Unfortunately, the very popular PayPal is not accepted, as it is a US company so there is a risk of them blocking payments due to the embargo on Cuba. All in all, CubaCasa has made it easy, quick and safe to book a casa particular in Cuba online.