Beyond having the most eclectic variety of casas particulares in all of Cuba, Havana is no doubt the epicentre of Cuban music (although it is in fierce competition with Santiago de Cuba, the cradle of popular Cuban rhythms like “son” and conga) and this month it is hosting a huge event attracting an impressive line-up of international performers.

Tourists dance salsa in Havana's streets to the sound of live musicians
Tourists dance in the streets to the sounds of live Cuban music from a traditional band

We’re excited (and so are our casa particular hosts in Havana) to announce that the next Havana World Music Festival – La Habana (#HWM2019), Cuba will be taking place on 21st, 22nd and 23rd March 2019, which means we’re just days away from all the concert action!

The line-up is year is quite impressive and includes international talent like Vox Sambou from Haiti and Canada, Ozomatli, Mental Abstrato from Brazil, RENU from the UK, IllbiLLY HitEC Ft. Lengualerta from Germany, Eda from France, Korean Men from South Korea, Monsieur Doumani from Cyprus and Cuban favourites CimaFunk and Eme Alfonso, just to name a few!

If name-dropping means not that much to you and you’re not really aware of contemporary Latin and global independent fusion sounds, then this definitely the festival to come to and get acquainted with the freshest of experimental music! And in wonderfully quirky, kaleidoscopic and alternative Havana, of all places in the world! Beyond regaling your ears with spanking fresh sounds from the world over, you’d also be enjoying a most definitely amazing stay in Cuba, with plenty of opportunities for people-to-people cultural exchanges and getting a true flavour of Cuba from a casa particular in Havana (especially if you book one of ours, they’re pretty amazing too). Sounds good? Well, that’s only the start of an unforgettable journey!

Spanning a wide variety of music genres splashed with a variety of influences, festival-goers can expect everything from reggae to hip-hop, cumbia, dub, jungle, bass music, jazz, jazz-funk, salsa, Cuban rumba, electronic dance, percussion and even something a particular Brazilian band describes as “noisy transamerican transculturalism inspired by Latin-American artwork” …quite the tongue twister, eh? Well, listening to it should be all the more fun and puzzling.

Now in its sixth edition, Havana World Music Festival’s essence is the cultural exchange among nations through music, an international vessel that crosses borders and unites soul. If you want to find out all the details of this year’s festival check the Havana World Music official website and if you want to find the right accommodation in Havana, browse through our fine selection (it won’t disappoint!).