casa particular in Havana

A casa particular is the best value accommodation tourists and travellers in Cuba can get. The government based in Havana allowed private residents to rent spare rooms to visitors or tourists from abroad in 1997. Before this, all the hotels and campsites were owned by the regime and were quite costly. A casa particular in Havana subsequently became one of the first forms of private enterprise granted in the country.

Experiencing the real Cuba

Staying in casa particular is a great way to experience the real Cuba. You can use somw website like oursto book a clean, comfortable an economical casa particular. Generally, you can get a casa particular for between 30 CUC and 60 CUC, depending on the standard of the casa particular, and a casa particualr in Havana will cost more than a casa particular in Vinales for example.

Staying at your casa particular in Havana

As a rule, a room in a casa partiuclar always includes a double bed, mirror, side table, air conditioning, fan and private bathroom, and breakfast is generally included.When you get to the casa particular where you will be staying, you will need to provide your passport to the owner for them to register your details. You will then be issued a receipt by the casa particular and you are then free to pay at any time before you leave. Some casa particular hosts prefer you to pay at the beginning of your stay, but most prefer you to pay at the end of your stay in order to adjust the bill for any additional expenses like tours, meals, mini-bar drinks, or any other things on offer.

Staying in casa particular in Havana is a marvellous experience.  The level of luxury will vary as per the kind of casa you choose. However, all casas particulares are tidy, clean and friendly, with a level of service that is generally much better than in a hotel, for a much lower cost. It is an even better experience if you are fluent in Spanish and a lot of guests feel like the hosts in their casa particular in Cuba become a second family – that’s why we have so many returning customers!If you would like to book a casa particular, we’re here to help at, and we have locations all across Cuba so you can book your whole itinerary with us. If you have any special requirements, please feel free to write to us and we will help you make sure your visit to Cuba is carefree, nice and easy!