By Mayté Solano Gómez

Cuba is known for its political and social system, in which the human being is the first and most important consideration. This has been clear in the current coronavirus crisis caused by the coronavirus. After over 3 months, the island has managed to control the number of infections and deaths due to this disease. Thanks to this, the Caribbean country maintains an incidence rate between 1 and 2%, while there have been periods of up to 20 days with no deaths from this disease.

The will of the Cuban people and the government

The Cuban government took measures from the outset to combat COVID 19 and, at the same time, devoted a significant part of the resources available in the country to research to find a vaccine against the disease. An important achievement was the use of medications generated by the Cuban biopharmaceutical industry, which have contributed to preventing patients from reaching a serious or critical state, or to curing them.

Internationally, the best known medication is Interferon, used from the outset in China, where it is produced by a joint venture of the BioCubaFarma Group and local companies, and was later used on patients with Covid-19 in other countries.

Interferon is used in Cuba to combat COVID 19.
Interferon is used in Cuba to combat COVID 19.

Until April 24, 700 patients had been treated with Interferon in Cuba, only 5.5% went to the most severe phase, while that indicator in the group of those who did not use this drug was more than 9% . The case fatality in patients who used interferon was 0.92%, while the general case fatality rate in Cuba in the same period was 2.7% and worldwide it exceeded 6%. On the fourth day of using the Interferon on patients with Covid-19 in Cuba, 37% of the cases had eliminated the virus and after seven days, 78%.

On the other hand, Cuban people generally accepted and implemented the measures decide by the country’s government. With the appearance of the disease in the world and the first cases in Cuba, Cubans demanded that their leaders close borders.

Finally, Cuban doctors, who represent both the Cuban people and the government, have also shown the solidarity and humanitarian character of this nation. Whether abroud or in every corner of the island, they receive deserved recognition and applause every day for their work in combating the coronavirus.

When will be possible to travel to Cuba again?

Some media in the world have announced August as the time when Cuba will reopen its borders to foreign tourists. Based on this information, some airlines have established new offers with reduced prices.

However, it is not until the 3rd phase that commercial flights to Cuba will begin again. At the moment, Havana, with the country’s main international airport, is barely in the 1st phase. Other provinces are already in phase 3, so it should be possible, in a rather near future, to enter the country through them. In the case of Santiago de Cuba, one of the easternmost provinces of the island, has the Antonio Maceo International Airport. Once international tourism resumes, a tour of this region of the country can be a very good option.

Antonio Maceo International Airport
Antonio Maceo International Airport

Good news for the British

Anyway, it is not enough that Cuba reopens its borders and resumes international tourism beyond the Keys. The country from which the tourist comes must consider the island as low risk or free of COVID 19 altogether.

For tourists from the UK this is already a fact. Since July 24, Cuba has been exempted from the advice of the United Kingdom’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) against all non-essential international travel, issued because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The exemption implies that its citizens can travel to the island once flights between the two countries are safely resumed.

Travel to Cuba again almost possible for British.
Travel to Cuba again almost possible for British.

Along with the decision made by this institution, content that guides British travelers travelling abroad during the coronavirus crisis can be accessed on their site.

Cuba prepares for the reopening of its borders, when travel again is possible

Although the country’s capital remains in the first phase of recovery, this does not prevent the island from preparing for the restart of commercial flights, through its main international airport, José Martí. In addition to the renovations that have been carried out in the previous months, a test of the operation of this facility in these new times was recently carried out.

Each of the services offered at the airport were simulated, but now following the new protocol to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. These measures include double measuring of body temperature, carrying out the PSR and disinfecting the luggage, among others.

Then you can only hope that the functioning of casas particulares (private houses) will resume, an option that is liked by foreign tourists, as it allows them to know and share with the Cuban people, the island´s greatest treasure. Our team at Cuba Casa can help you with all these arrangements.