To the delight of casa particular owners all over the city, Havana Biennial 2019 is set to kick off on 12 April giving way to a month-long celebration of contemporary Cuban and international art that will add even more colour to the already vibrantly colourful Cuban capital.

This biannual international art festival, now in its 13th edition gathers contemporary artists from the world over who land in Havana to make their art pieces come to life in a variety of urban settings.

The theme this year is “La construccion de lo posible, Rethinking Future” and it has been titled in both Spanish and English to reflect its international scope as the event gathers more artists and gains more global visibility each year.

Tourist admires art installation during Havana Biennial 2017
Art installation during the 12th edition of Havana Biennial 2017

If you love art and love Havana (the two go together like cheese and crackers, you can’t imagine Havana without also picturing its natural artistic flair), this is an event you simply cannot afford to miss, especially because it only happens once every two years, so you’d have to wait another 24 months for the next one.

But it’s not just tourists who eagerly await Havana Biennial to enjoy artful Cuba holidays, “habaneros” themselves get in a flurry of excitement in the weeks preceding its launch and look forward to seeing parts of their city transformed into unique pieces of art, some of which often take over entire blocks, are human-size, gigantic, colossal or small, miniature-like and delicate. There’ll be for all tastes and touching all topic of relevance today, from politics to raw emotions,

If you want to experience the best of authentic Cuban and international art in the most intoxicating of artsy settings, Havana should be definitely your next stop this April. Many casas particulares (the quirky way Cubans call bed and breakfast accommodation in Havana and beyond) are living works of art themselves, full of rare, unique, sometimes quirky sometimes historic art pieces, so just by booking a stay at any of our wide variety of casas particulares in Havana, you’ll be immersing in a wondrous world of art and wonderment, no doubt adding another dimension to your art-inspired Cuba trip. That is if you head there in time to check out the Havana Biennial public and private art displays taking over public spaces and private galleries (exhibitions will be on until 12 May).

For the unofficial guide to this year’s Havana Biennial in English check out this website full of tips and regularly updated news as well as their blog detailing last edition’s exhibitions so that you get a better idea of what to expect (from outdoor art walks to striking installations) if you make the trip to Havana next month. In the meantime, here at CubaCasa we’ll be sure to update you on all the art action as it unfolds. Check back here and we’ll keep you posted!