By Mayté Solano Gómez

We recently showed, through this blog, Trinidad as a historical city with a rich heritage, history destination. Now we will look at Trinidad as a seaside destination, with its charming beaches, as well as its main nautical attractions.

Trinidad’s beaches are located in the southern side of Cuba and are not as extensive as others. Despite this, in them you can see all those characteristics of the Caribbean waters that make them unique: crystalline and transparent waters, with a color that goes from emerald green to turquoise blue or very light blue; very fine white sands; warm water temperature, mainly in summer and a roasting sun to enjoy, but be careful initially.

María Aguilar Beach

Considered as one of the most beautiful on the southern coast of Cuba, it certainly makes Trinidad a sun and beach destination. It is located on the Ancón peninsula, which has a 4kms of fine sands, stretching eastwards. To the west you will find the 500 meters long Maria Aguilar beach, also known as Ancón beach.

Trinidad. sun and beach destination in Cuba. Playa Maria Aguilar.
Maria Aguilar beach, also known as Playa Ancón, one of the most beautiful on the southern coast of Cuba.

This wonderful beach offers excellent seabeds in which to contemplate the coral reef. In them you can also find gorgonians, sea fans, black corals, sponges and small tropical fish. The area is perfect for lovers of snorkeling or diving, with more than twenty immersion points. This is because, most of the year, the sea on this beach remains almost completely calm.

In addition, it has an important archaeological reserve where countless ships and galleons from colonial times lie. All of them from the time when corsairs and pirates prowled the coast and tried to attack the town of Trinidad.

Most popular nautical tourism services

Among all these natural attractions on the Ancón peninsula is the Marina Marlín Trinidad with multiple diving spots. This institution offers tourists a variety of nautical services, associated with diving, fishing, boat trips and life on board.

Marina Marlin Trinidad. Multiple nautical options
Marina Marlín Trinidad with multiple diving spots, offers tourists a variety of nautical services, associated with diving, fishing, boat trips and life on board.

In the case of fishing, Marlin Trinidad has various experienced boats and crews to enjoy unforgettable days. Once the new normality is restored in the country after the coronavirus, you will be able to live this unique experience again, at any time of the year. The rental of the boat includes all the fishing gear to be used.

The Life on Board service at Marlin Trinidad also has boats with all the necessary comforts and conditions and equipment for snorkeling. The client can, according to their convenience, adjust the program, with the possibility to include the Canarreos Archipelago or the Jardines de la Reina.

With the Seafari, another of the tourist options, you can also access the Blancos, Macho Afuera and Iguanas cays. Some of them consist of virgin islets over 1km long and 200 wide.

La Boca Beach

The origin of the name of this beach is attributed to the shape seen from an aerial view, similar to a mouth. Being at the mouth of the Guaurabo river, this is not a beach with fine white sand and crystalline blue waters, but with small stones. However, nothing that spoils the enjoyment of bathers.

This beach is not one of the most visited by tourists, but rather by the surrounding population, the inhabitants of the town of La Boca. Mainly in the summer months the place comes alive. Even so, it is still very quiet. So if you want to enjoy the warm waters and the tropical climate, also surrounded by the helpful, friendly, sincere Cuban, this is the ideal place.

But if you also want to enjoy nature you will have an excellent view of the Escambray mountains. Surrounded by flora and fauna, this part of the coast also has a barrier of dead coral. That makes its diving areas popular and well recommended. And if you take into account that fishing is the essence of the local people, you can also consider this as another option to enjoy.

La Batea beach

Halfway between Playa La Boca and Playa Ancón. Less popular, but also with its charm, this beach is a cove with crystal clear waters and fine sand. Practically a natural pool, considering its rocky shores. Thanks to this combination that it is possible to swim between corals and fish of various colors.

Although less visited by tourists, it also has facilities that will make your stay on this beach pleasant. Parasols and small establishments where to drink and eat in peace are some of them. Not forgetting the Cuban, always present, happy and friendly.

Where to stay when it comes to enjoying of Trinidad as a sun and beach destination in Cuba

Although Hotel Ancón is also located on this beach, the best option if you want to get to know the town, a World Cultural Heritage Site, is to stay in private homes. As a sun and beach destination in Cuba, some of the casas particulares where you can stay are located in the town of La Boca. The most comfortable are those located in the center of the city. These also allow you to enjoy the other attractions of the town, not only those associated with sun and beach tourism.

Casa particular in Trinidad, Casa Bernardo y Sarahi
Casa Bernardo y Sarahi, in Trinidad.

At Casa Bernardo y Sarahi, for example, you can enjoy Cuban simplicity, in addition to the prevailing colonial style in the region. Creole hospitality prevails, so you can count on the owner´s help with everything that will allow you to make your visit to Trinidad an unforgettable experience.