Are you in Cuba now? Will you be in Varadero over the next four days? If not, this is where you need to be right now,  and you better be booking your casa particular in Varadero soon if you don´t want to miss the region´s biggest music festival (luckily for you we´ve got great casas near all the music action, keep reading for more!)

A casa particular in Varadero close to Parque Josone
The closest casa particular in Varadero to the Josone Park action

Coming back for its second edition to follow on the success of its first one launched last year, the Varadero Josone Music Festival – Rumba, Son and Jazz brings the best of contemporary Cuban music and combines it with international acts thanks to performing guests and great fusion music. You won´t be able to help but dance along, sing along, or at the very least, sway along!

And, it’s not just about modern sounds and popular music, as this event masterfully combines traditional Cuban timba (the real term of Cuban salsa), the most infectious afroCuban beats with live rumba sessions, traditional son (in the style of Buena Vista Social Club) and quality Latin jazz from.

What kind of music can I look forward to at Varadero’s Josone music festival?

We’ve just briefly gone over the kind of sounds you´ll enjoy on the paragraph above, and as its name rightly indicates there will be plenty of jazz, rumba and son. But that´s not all!

Condensing four nights of live concerts, performances from 27 national and international singers, bands and musicians, Varadero Josone Festival will also bring plenty of fusion music, experimental sounds and an invited guest band from Ghana – Weedie Braimah and the Hands of Time.

Where is all the Varadero-Josone festival action at?

The festival’s name is a bit of a clue, as Josone is the national park where the festival is celebrated each year.

All concerts will be staged at Parque Josone, a tranquil, nine-hectare garden with a beautiful lake in the centre. Beyond scenic greenery, you’ll find scattered restaurants and other tourist attractions within the park. It’s the ideal place to party, chillax, and then party again!

Where should I stay?

At one of our casas particulares of course! We’ve got quite the selection of casas particulares in Varadero, with the one closest to Parque Josone being mere footsteps away. We’re talking about Casa de Papo (pictured above), one stunning Varadero casa particular with some exceptional features, from a terrace bar and restaurant to elegant period furnishings.

But there’s more than one ideal casa particular in Varadero to choose from, the second-closes to Parque Josone is Hostal 4608 but there are many more to consider, most are within walking distance, others will require a short taxi ride.

Where can I buy tickets?

If you´re lucky enough to be enjoying a Cuba holiday in Varadero this week and you want to get your hands on tickets to attend the Varadero Josone Music Festival, you can book your tickets by getting in touch with event organiser Paradiso, either through email (, or by phoning their offices in Varadero (+53 52852570, +53 52901339, +53 78383908) or Havana (+53 78383908, +53 78317444).

The full festival programme – the line-up, who´s on, when?

For the Varadero Josone festival’s full programme click here and you’ll be taken to the event’s official page with the full breakdown of artists, the official line-up and timeslots.