Travelling to Cuba is an unforgettable experience whatever the time of year (as is staying in a casa particular), but if you´re planning a Cuba holiday this summer season there are great reasons to make your travel plans a reality this June and we’ll give you a few of them in this post. Keep reading for more.

Playa Santa María in Havana - the most popular of Playas del Este
Playa Santa María in Havana – the most popular of Playas del Este

The month of June has barely started but it’s sure gotten a lot of us in a dreamy beach holiday mood. Summer is almost here and the thought of tropical beaches with a mojito in hand sure helps us escape the daily grind.

Many of us are already thinking of a summer holiday break and if you have Cuba in your mind and can make the hop to the most of Caribbean isles this June, we’ve got plenty of ways to lure you. Early clue: peak season hasn’t yet set in and the weather is at its mildest compared to the rest of the summer months.

The weather in Cuba in June

If they got online and checked AccuWeather averages, BBC weather forecasts for Havana or Holiday Weather (as people these days tend to do before giving advice) many would tell you to stay away from Cuba in June as it’s the month that marks the start of both the rainy season and the hurricane season. BUT back up there! Not all is as it may seem… Before you rule out the possibility of setting your eyes on a particularly trendy/nostalgic/colonial Havana casa particular this month fearing your dreams of sunny revelry will be literally washed out in June, you must keep reading.

Pouring rain? Think again!

As Cuba experts (the person writing this is Cuban-born and raised herself) us at Cuba Casa must put things into perspective and not just because we want you to book a casa particular in Havana (or anywhere in Cuba) this month, but because Cuba has peculiarities that no tourist guide or weather report will tell you, but Cubans will: June is not that much wetter than say April, May or July. It’s only moderately wetter than the “dry” season months and slightly wetter than July (rainfall averages are similar in June, August, September, October and November).

The deal is that seasons aren’t as marked in Cuba as in other countries, the rise and fall of temperatures don’t vary much throughout the year (in any case by no more than 10 degrees Celsius), they only gain or lose intensity in rather slight ways, nothing too dramatic!

Casa Colonial Zaiden, a casa particular in Havana with prime sea views
Casa Colonial Zaiden, a casa particular in Havana with prime sea views

As for June 2019, the weather forecast so far (if you favour the BBC’s Havana forecast for June over AccuWeather and Holiday Weather, as they differ quite a bit!) does predict a rainy start to the month up until 11th June, when things start clearing up for good (it seems). It must be taken into account that the BBC’s forecast is the most pessimistic of the three mentioned earlier weatherwise, the others predict only passing clouds and no rain in the first week of June. Still, the rain you’ll find in Cuba this June is more likely to be in form of short-lived thundery outpourings with bright skies and sunshine (or at least patches of it) following straight after. If anything, it looks like this year the June downpours might cool things off a bit as a gentle breeze is said to freshen things up.

Weather changes in the biggest of the Antilles aren’t drastic, and the fact that temperature changes throughout the year vary by no more than 10 degrees means that Cuba truly is an eternal summer. Whether in the low 20s or mid-30s (degrees Celsius) you can always count on warmth whatever the time year (unless there’s a freakish storm or cold front…and even then temperatures won’t dip any lower than 15 degrees Celsius (unless you’re in the countryside!).

How about hurricanes?

Yes, June also marks the start of the hurricane season, technically, but hurricanes this early on are so extremely rare that one hasn’t happened in over a century. That’s right! you’ll really struggle to find records of a hurricane in Cuba in June…in fact, I dare you to! Even July is a super rare month for hurricanes, with only one hurricane having passed through Cuba at that time of year in the last 50 years or so. The likelihood of a hurricane in June in Cuba is

Trust us, if the fear a hurricane ruining your Cuba holiday is what’s putting you off booking that casa particular stay in Havana or beyond, you can start casting those fears away now!

The cost factor

June is also one of the cheapest months to travel to Cuba. School isn’t out yet and as such peak tourism season hasn’t quite started which opens up the very real possibility of snapping up a few bargains in terms of flights to Cuba.

When it comes to accommodation in Havana and elsewhere in Cuba, you’ll find that casas particulares are easier to secure in June than in other months (the popularity of some casas particulares in Havana means that some are booked out for months, especially in the peak times of winter and summer). In terms of room rates, when it comes to booking a casa particular, they don’t really vary that much with the seasons (some even have set prices for the entire year and don’t alter them depending on season) but again you might find that your stay (especially for a casa particular in Havana) ends up being cheaper. Seeing less tourists on the streets might be a bonus as well!


What else is great about travelling to Cuba in June?

June is a great time to be in Cuba and don’t let anybody else tell you it isn’t so! Unless you have low heat tolerance (or serious issues with temperatures in the low 30s) you’ll be fine, especially if you leave sightseeing and long walks to early mornings or afternoons. Nights are cooler and great for exploring around too (it’s very safe in Cuba – even if street lighting at night isn’t that great – so just get tips on where the best nightlife is at from your casa particular owner and you’re good to go!).

Time to pack up those summer bags!

Another great thing about travelling to Cuba in June is the reduced tourist crowds and as such an improved chance for more authentic cultural experiences.

Balcony view from Casa Sarahi in Old Havana
The sunny view from Casa Sarahi, a lovely bed and breakfast in the heart of Old Havana

Also, like we told you in our earlier post, this June in Cuba is very artsy and soulful thanks to the celebration of Havana’s Arts Festival and the Havana Design Biennial, so those with an artistic streak will be in pure heaven. From exhibitions to live performances, shows and concerts, there’s a lot to look forward to this June in Cuba, if you want to find out all the details read our post about it.

If you are fine with average heat and the occasional (rather cooling) shower, June will prove a good a time as any for your Cuba holiday.

And if any thoughts of rain are still lingering in your mind, just be a Cuban for a few days and rest easy. Cubans carry an umbrella in their handbags throughout the year anyway, they use it to both shield away from the sun and the rain, so either bring one along or buy one onsite to carry around during your Cuba holiday in June. Or, alternatively, ask the host at your casa particular to lend you one. It will prove handy and you’ll be prepared whatever the weather!

Where in Cuba in June?

If you’re wondering whether all of Cuba is the same in terms of weather…well, it isn’t. The western half of the island enjoys much milder temperatures compared to the east, where thermometers peak a few degrees higher.

Havana in June

Rooftop terrace of Casa Albanicos in Havana
Rooftop terrace of Casa Albanicos, a sunny casa particular in Old Havana

The weather in Havana during the month of June tends to be among the mildest in terms of temperature, as Cuba’s north-western coast is cooled by the Atlantic while the other half of the island enjoys a hotter more Caribbean climate (Cuba’s southern coast is bathed by the Caribbean’s waters).

Temperatures in June in Havana won’t go any higher than 32 degrees Celsius at peak time and the lowest won’t dip below 22 degrees Celsius (but it rarely ever dips that low, night-time temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius in the early hours of the morning).

Varadero in June

Oh, what a great time to be at the beach June is! Without a doubt, this is a fabulous month for a beach holiday in Varadero, even better if you opt for a casa particular in Varadero instead of an all-inclusive resort.

Beach views from Casa Menocal, a casa particular directly facing Varadero bech
Beach views from Casa Menocal, a casa particular directly facing Varadero beach

Much like Havana (it’s only a scenic two-hours’ ride from Havana after all) the weather in Varadero in June hardly ever rises above the 30-degrees-Celsius mark. This month weather forecasts expect temperatures in Varadero to oscillate between 30 and 32 degrees Celsius at peak times and dip to around 25 degrees Celsius at night (the coldest it will get is 23 degrees Celsius in the early hours of the morning).

The water will be nice and warm and still. Lagoon-like perfection guaranteed…and about those pesky showers, in case there are any this month, they will be intermittent so you will be dipping in and out of the water. If you’re used to British weather you might even be grateful for a few drops and their cooling effect at the beach!

Santiago de Cuba in June

Famous for being one of the hottest cities in Cuba, which rightfully earned it its nickname as “tierra caliente” (hot land) you might be surprised to learn that this June in Santiago will be one of the mildest on record!

Casa particular in Santiago - La Nenita
Casa particular in Santiago – La Nenita

That’s right, weather predictions for June 2019 in Santiago are actually ever so slightly milder than Havana with forecasted temperatures oscillating between 30 and 31 degrees Celsius at peak times during the day and dipping to 24 degrees Celsius at its lowest point at night!

We actually encourage you to visit Santiago this June before temperatures creep up to unbearable levels in July and August (although Santiago’s famous carnival in July might persuade you to brave the heat). Oh, and booking a casa particular in Santiago will prove extra rewarding, especially when hotels in this part of Cuba are lacking quality and offer terrible value for money. Casas particulares, on the other hand, are incredibly charming and offer unique quirks beyond the warmth of the hosts themselves, who’ll go out of their way to make you feel at home.

But what is the best time to travel to Cuba overall?

If you’re wondering what’s the best time to travel to Cuba, the answer is not as straightforward as you might think (anytime is a great time, although, obviously, depending on what you seek and what’s important to you as a traveller, some times may be better than others) but very soon we’ll write a blog piece about it, highlighting what’s great and not so great about travelling to Cuba in any particular month.

In the meantime, why not try and see if you can squeeze in a quick (or not so quick) escape to Cuba this June – at Cuba Casa we’ve got the right casa particular whatever your accommodation needs in Havana and beyond – Check us out!