If you read this, you may have planned to spend the end of the year in Cuba and might have booked accommodation in a casa particular in Havana, a casa particular in Varadero, a casa particular in Trinidad or a casa particular in Cubas other charming towns and cities. In any case, you made a good choice and here is why!

Spending Christmas in Cuba will make you live traditions to the best…

When spending Christmas in Cuba, you will notice everything is about friends, family and lots of food. Cubans love to celebrate and definitely know how to do it fully, and this tends to be the case in every casa particular in Cuba! If you already loved Christmas, be sure that the Cubans will double your love of it and will give you an extraordinary Cuban Christmas feast, filled with joy and love. On Christmas Eve, which is called Noche Buena, people get together and celebrate with good music, fantastic food and of course, love. Havana’s street are filled with Christmas decorations, and your casa particular will probably have many of them too. There’s a good chance you will be invited to dance and celebrate by the hosts in your casa particular in Cuba.

Cuban Christmas Night are all about food and party

If you have a big appetite, Cuba is the right place for you especially on Christmas Night, and there’s a good chance your casa particular in Cuba will be preparing a nice meal. In Cuba, partying is often associated with having A LOT of food, and for Christmas the favourite meal is a roasted pig called lechona. It is served with Cuban bread and black and white beans. On the side of it, Cubans also eat salad and yuca con mojo (a marinade with garlic, sour orange and onions). This will be accompanied with lots of cheeses, nuts, beer, wine and Spanish cider. For dessert expect grapefruit orange shells, prepared with syrup, as they are extremely popular. If your casa particular in Cuba isn’t preparing a big meal, you can ask for some advice about where you can experience a classic Cuban Christmas feast.

Cuban New Year’s Eve is full of traditions

New Year’s Eve is also a great party time in Cuba! When moving on to the new year, Cubans have a tradition which symbolises forgetting all the bad things that happened in the past year. You may see the hosts of your casa particular in Cuba burning anAño Viejo” doll and throwing a bucket of water onto the street. Both are done for the same reason: leave the bad things of the past year behind you. If you wander about on the streets of Havana on New Year’s Eve, look up and you will most probably see fireworks and at midnight, people traditionally eat twelve grapes and drink cider. Let us help you enjoy this experience by booking a casa particular in Havana, a casa particular in Varadero, a casa particular in Trinidad or a casa particular in Cuba somewhere else!